LIVE traffic, speed trap warnings and gas prices

Based on reports from fellow commuters on the road

Have you ever received a traffic update over the radio as you are pulling into a traffic jam? Or received a speeding ticket for unconsciously speeding? If only you had received a warning shortly before.

With RoadAid you can interact with other people on the road.
It's a social networking application for traffic related insight.

Early, continuous and relevant traffic insights provided by people on the road, help prevent traffic jams, congestions and expensive speeding tickets, and helps you avoid them.

Stop wasting time in traffic and get to your destinations - quicker!

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  • Overview of traffic conditions and nearest gas stations
  • View detailed info about each incident
  • Easy incident reporting
  • List overview of traffic conditions
  • Search on map to view traffic elsewhere
  • Receive traffic info and gas price updates
  • Customize your settings
  • View updated gas prices
  • Discover where the cheapest gas is
  • Configure and update your profile
  • Ability to report detailed incident reports
  • Simple and intuitive menus
  • Help and FAQ - at your fingertips

RoadAid - traffic & police

Always up-to-date Each day commuters waste valuable time on the roads, mostly due to traffic jams and queues, but also the occasional accident and traffic control points.

The aim of RoadAid is to cut down on the time wasted by relaying real-time traffic information and thus enable the traffic to avoid time consuming incidents.

By utilizing an interactive layer with detailed information, RoadAid empowers commuters to take full advantage of modern mobility.

Track traffic and alert incidents The source of the information comes from the people already involved in the traffic. Relevant and valuable traffic information is based on other users observations.
RoadAid distributes this information to users in the community in close proximity to traffic incidents, and thereby enables them to avoid the incidents.

Using RoadAid, you not only see the live traffic situation, you also receive detailed information about the condition on the roads from fellow commuters. By listening to the crowd, users gain first-hand insight on the roads ahead.

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