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By using RoadAid, you'll get the following features:

  • Receive continuous live traffic updates
  • Create voice recorded reports
  • Get speed limit on reports [where data available]
  • Get visual/audio alerts when approaching reported incidents
  • View details about incidents by tapping on the map markers
  • Report different types of incidents, such as Traffic, Police, Caution and more
  • Confirm or dismiss reported incidents by tapping map markers or icons in list
  • Follow traffic situations elsewhere by searching other locations
  • See the driving direction of every report
  • Report incidents observed in the opposite travel direction
  • Get dynamic zoom, based on your driving speed
  • Option for dynamic alert distance
  • Create and update user profile
  • View different map modes
  • Choose between map and list view
  • Share traffic insight with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter
  • Tip others about RoadAid
  • Receive alerts from various Facebook speed control pages - directly in the app

RoadAid also helps you get a quick overview over cheap gas prices near you by
using either the map or the list layout specially designed for gas prices.


Do I need to register?

RoadAid is FREE to use, and you can use the app without an user account. However we encourage you to create an user account as this gives you the benefit of additonal features. Account creation is done directly from the application, after installing it on your smartphone.
Select 'Create account' on the login screen, and you are on your way.

Privacy policy

RoadAid is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.
All personal information obtained, is strictly for internal use only.
RoadAid will never provide this information to any third party.
Read more in our Terms of Use.