About RoadAid

Commuting and travel have never been more powerful

The conditions on the roads are worsening due to an increasing number of vehicles; road blocks, accidents and traffic jams plague commuters on a daily basis.
Each day commuters waste valuable time on the roads, mostly due to traffic jams and queues, but also the occasional accident and traffic control points. This wasted time cost both the commuter but also transportation companies vast amounts of money.
Time is money!
This problem is a world-wide problem!
The need for new and innovative approaches to these issues is high!

With the increasing traffic across the world and the equally fast evolving mobile technology, the time is perfect for solutions that can help the commuter to avoid traffic issues and save valuable time.
RoadAid enables users to be in forefront of traffic challenges wherever they commute and helps commuters avoid wasting time by knowing the road conditions ahead, with early and continuous traffic insight.
As a social networking application for sharing traffic related insight in real-time, RoadAid provides solutions to prevent and solve traffic related issues for everyone with smartphone devices.
RoadAid appeals to commuters worldwide - anyone involved in traffic and contributes to the efficiency of traffic flow, reducing energy consumption and pollution.

How it works

The aim of RoadAid is to cut down on the time wasted by relaying real-time traffic information and thus enable the traffic to avoid time consuming incidents.
The source of the information come from the people already involved in the traffic; from the daily commuter to the seasoned trucker.
Within RoadAid’s interactive community users are also traffic guides. Anyone can report traffic incidents and receive early warnings within their close proximity.
Through the FREE RoadAid app on their smartphones commuters can update traffic conditions while on the road. The RoadAid system then distributes the information to anyone in the community in close proximity to the traffic incident, and thereby enables them to avoid the incident.
By preventing additional cars to already congested roads, RoadAid helps commuters avoid wasting hours in traffic congestions. The result is a more distributed traffic flow with less “bumber-to-bumber traffic”, and helping vehicles move more efficiently.
Grab your smartphone today and report and receive detailed traffic updates on the go.

Join the worldwide battle against traffic queues!
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